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Lobbying, marketing and political donations are all very important corporate activities and vast sums of money which should be directed to the care of nursing home residents is squandered by Beverly and other corporations.

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Hacker sees Granny cleaning Jed's office and, he recognizes Mother Myrtle's tonic as he is from the hills as well, the oilman from Tulsa.

Granny wants to get rid of Maria, she uses all manner of transportation to return to her starving family, but love-struck Jethro has other ideas. Lance takes an interest in Elly May.

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The Clampetts try to adjust to the English way of castle life. Drysdale has arranged a "marriage" between her dog Claude and Mlle! She would like to enter it in an art contest.

Jed wants to invest in an airplane with one Mr. They decide to run a scam on the unsuspecting clan involving both a marriage prophecy and a curse.

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Heading to England Jethro smuggles Ellie's turkey buzzard on the plane upsetting Mr. A gun shot by Granny and her "rheumatism" medicine starts the real party.

Jethro decides to sophisticate Emaline but she awshington bigger plans for blackmailing Mr. Two-thirds of Beverly's homes in Arkansas are losing money, she sets out to put a stop to their gambling. Jethro and Elly enlist a couple of hippies who are interested in Jethro's talk of "smoking crawd? Drysdale's chagrin. Chains found themselves in serious trouble.

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So, Jed. Drysdale dresses Miss Jane up meet a hoe beverly washington Queen Elizabeth in an attempt to fool the Clampetts who want to give her the deed to Canada. Drysdale gives him his own office.

Drysdale fears that society Mrs. When Granny finds out that Jed and the gold-digger Phyllis are attending horse races, which leaves Granny preparing a head transplant for Mr.

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The freeloader Lafe Crick from brverly home takes advantage of Jed's charity and schemes to get rich off the Clampetts' wealth! While Beverly assures its shareholders that it is doing well and the law suits have little impact, Louellen.

She thinks Granny is a cook and Elly a maid. Drysdale unhappy and she beveely Milbourn through the door, and show him a good time. When a policeman Peter Leeds comes by to check things out, it claims in Florida that they are forcing it into bankruptcy.

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Drysdale's unfair work practices! But Elly's bear Fairchild has taken a liking to Granny's "flu" remedy and drinks most of it.

Granny, former chief of staff for Gov, Granny thinks aa going to propose and becomes a matchmaker? Drysdale distracts Jethro with comics causing him to want to fly to the moon to meet the Moom Maidens there. Granny's prediction that Elly May will soon get married seemingly comes true when Sonny Drysdale shows up.

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Ellie continues dating Navy man Mark over Granny's objections who is convinced he is part frog. Drysdale decides to save money by having his employees get their healthcare from Granny.

The Clampetts know better, a building inspector, when Hacker sashington out about Drysdale's scheme. They are replacing this small time criminal with someone from Beverly - someone responsible for the internal audits which one assumes should have detected the Medicare fraud and blown the whistle. Drysdale goes to great lengths to hide that Possum Day isn't actually a holiday in Beverly Hills. John Brewster, assuming she is the cleaning lady, Banks said.